About the type of bags

Clutch with Frame Lock (Frame Clutch) was chosen as one of the forms of bags from Anni Teriani. The handbag has a soft volumetric shape and a frame lock with a clasp. The prototype of this bag is the Reticule.

Reticule  /ˈrɛtɪkjuːl/ is a woman’s small handbag, similar to a modern evening bag, typically having a drawstring and decorated with embroidery or beading. Also, known as ridicule or mmppindispensable, used mainly from 1795 to 1820.

Today, a reticule in its original form, better known to us from old wallets with a metal lock, is very rare, although fashion designers sometimes return to this form.

Frame Clutch from Anni Teriani will look amazing for a business lady and a fashionista. It will make you look bright and sophisticated at the same time. The bag can be worn for any occasion and can be combined with various types of clothing and accessories.

Anni Teriani handbags are made from high-quality cotton with printed designer drawings that give the bags individuality and originality. The long stripe of the bag will allow you to carry it on your shoulder.