Dear customers! Please read the information below before using the product.

Guide to product care:

– women’s bag for carrying small personal belongings (such as pouch, notebook, hairbrush, key case, etc);

– Items you keep in your handbag should not exceed the weight specified below:

– Women handbag clutch: small size – 1,2  kg., large size – 1,5  kg. 

– Beach bag 3,5 kg. 

– Backpack 1,5 kg

– Avoid overfilling your bag, otherwise, the handbag may lose its shape, the frame may break, bag lining may damage and rips and tears can occur.

– Avoid contact with water and products containing chemicals – make-up, perfume and food. 

– Do not pull closures, zippers or straps. Do not carry your clutch by holding only frame closure.

– Do not dry your bag with hairdryer, in the sun or any sort of heaters, otherwise, it may lose shape. 

– Use cleansers for dry cleaning.


Following the suggestions and the product care guide and spending a few minutes to care for your handbag will help to prolong the life of your handbag.