Lovely Lines Silk Scarf Collection

Lovely Lines Silk Scarf Collection by Anni Teriani has been granted the Bronze A’ Design Award in Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category by the International Design Academy, 2021-2022 Milan.

This project is inspired by nature around us, which is full of wonderfully natural colors and patterns. The designer created bright abstract geometric illustrations, and the desire to shape her ideas in a new tangible way encouraged her to make her fashion collection with signature textile patterns. The collection unites different geometric textile patterns and is called Lovely Lines due to various colored lines creating a print in the end. The designer uses a manifold of shapes that look like a mosaic in the ornament. The combination of different shades of colors of the Sun, the Sea, and the Flora makes the patterns colorific and vibrant.

2021 – 2022 Period Yearbook 

Vol. 52-X : Award Winning Designs 2021 – 2022, ISBN: 978-88-97977-54-5 Page 967 

Publisher: Designer Press. Digital (PDF) Edition, Prepared in Como, Italy