How are our drawings printed?

All bags from Anni Teriani are made from fabric with designer prints. Anni Teriani’s textile patterns are bright, dynamic, and colorful, which gives the bags individuality and originality.

How are drawings printed on the fabric and what is the textile printing?

Digital textile printing is an ink jet-based method of printing colorants onto fabric. Textile printing is similar to regular printing on paper but requires special printing equipment and colorants. For light-colored fabric, the usual algorithm of an ink-jet printer is used, a special primer is applied to the dark fabric before printing.

Textile printing has many advantages over other types of printing: better optical resolution; printing speed; the ability to change the layout from copy to copies; a high level of quality of the fabric (the image withstands more than 60 washes without significant loss of quality).

When Anni Teriani’s drawing is ready, it is drawn in a special computer program in order to get the digital version. Then illustration is sent to the manufacturer. Designers and artisans make some samples of printed fabric to take the best colors of prints. It is a very complicated process. Sometimes the drawings on the fabric are different from the image on paper or computer screen. When the final sample is ready, it is plotted on the natural fabric of cotton fiber or with synthetic impregnations.